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Welcome to Lavish Dolls Beauty Academy where we teach emerging and aspiring beauty professionals.

We offer a variety of trainings for those wanting to start a new career in the beauty industry or expand their business. Our trainings can be done in person or online. All of our trainings include kits, machines, manuals and much more!


Meet The Owner

Hello Lavish Dolls! Meet the owner and founder of Lavish Dolls LLC. Lavish Dolls is more than just a name, it's a brand made to inspire, uplift and motivate all women. Mariah's goal is to provide quality beauty services, supplies, trainings and more! She is a certified esthetician and has been in the beauty industry for over 4 years. Mariah is extremely passionate about everything she offers. She takes pride in providing knowledge, value and encouragement to other women and beauty professionals. Her motto is "Feel lavish, look lavish, be lavish!" and you will definitely feel that way after shopping with Lavish Dolls.


Thanks for becoming a VIP doll!

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